At The System Martial Arts & Fitness, you will be surprised at all of the wonderful things you will be able to gain from our studio. Maintaining a welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for learning, we encourage everyone, regardless of skill level, to embark on a journey of self-discovery. On a daily basis, our mentors motivate students to strengthen their bodies, improve their self-image, and reduce stress. Boasting numerous awards and accomplishments, our instructions offer fun, calorie-burning classes that will train your mind and strengthen your body. We are eager to help you instill lifelong, positive attributes.


The System is a program created by Gabriel Gonzalez that consists of Resistance Training, Plyometrics, Weights, MMA, and Nutrition all mixed into many different functional trainings. 27 years of experience in Martial Arts Gabriel is a 2nd Degree in Karate- Do, 2nd Degree in Olympic Tae-Kwon- Do, Self- Defense Kai- Ki- Do, Kickboxing experience, Boxing Trainer and currently training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.   In Fitness: Kinesiology, Personal Training Certification, AFAA Group Fitness Certification, AFAA Cycling Certification, and Les Mills Certification with 19 a year experience in the fitness field.

Some of his major achievements are:
– 1996 Juarez Mexico, All Year Grand Champion

– 1996 Kai Ki Do Champion

– 1997 Kai Ki Do Grand Champion

– 1997 PanAm Tournament Operacion Dragon 3rd Place

– 1998 Karate IMAC US National Champion

– 1999 Juarez, Mexico All Year Round Champion

– 1999 AWES Grand Champion

– 2000-2004 Consecutive World Championship competitions

– 2000 Kickboxing Southwest Champion

– 2001 USKA Nationals 3rd Place

– 2002 Alamo Grands Grappling Champion

– 2003 World Championships NBL 3rd Place

– 2003 WSKA Champion

– 2004 17th Annual Asian Festival Kickboxing Champion

– 2004 WSKA Champion

– 2005 WSKA Champion

– 2005 Lima Lama Mexico National Champion

– 2006 Lima Lama Nationals Karate Champion



– 2008 Gold’s Gym Top Performer

– 2009 Gold’s Gym Top Performer

– 2009 Honorary Skore Award

– 2009 Quarterly Top Performer

– 2010 Excellence Award

– 2010 Top Performer Award

– 2010 Quarterly Top Performer

– 2011 Gold’s Gym Top Performer

– 2011 Quarterly Top Performer


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